We believe that having great photos is a must when listing your home. Below are a few samples of our listing pictures. 

We also have a Matterport 3D camera which enables us to create 3D virtual tours of our listings as well as floor plans. This amazing tool gives potential buyers the ability to walk through a home even if they are not physically able to do so. 

6131 Pippers Ln

3465 Blewett Rd 

1098 Playmor Rd

882 Jeffs Rd 

4580 Beasley Rd West 

655 Ferguson Rd 

2281 Pez Rd 

2808 Lower Six Mile Rd 

3937 Malina Rd


2746 Blewett Rd 

4754 Twin Bays Rd 

663 Bridgebay Rd

709 Stromme Ln

1001 Gilker St

127 Grizzly Pl 

4898 Highway 3A


4079 Kays Rd 

113 Kootenay Lake Rd

 5372  Amundsen Rd


3926 Bonnington Rd

3329 Kenville Rd

1106 Hall Mines Rd

5817 Sunset Dr

2273 Bealby Rd

410 Grohman Creek Rd

2014 Fort Sheppard Dr

7676 Upper Balfour Rd

619 Wasson St

305 Hart St

5815 Longbeach Rd


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